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Web-based accounting systems offer centralized access to business intelligence via a browser and without the headache and cost related to managing servers.

Web apps improve the integration of shared data to automate workload by harnessing technology such as bank feeds and electronic bill pay and providing secure central access for electronic document management.

The American Institute of CPAs has strongly endorsed the move from paper to digital.

Redmond Accounting Inc is an industry leader in cloud-accounting workflow.

We are accounting technologists, with a heavy background in corporate controllership and information technology, broadly experienced in both accounting principles and technology.

Subscription fees related to web apps are generally lower than the cost of the labor and errors they replace with automation.

Key to Success

Profitable companies invest in a quality accounting infrastructure because it is critical to their success. Financial reporting and key performance indicators provide the information you need to make important business decisions.  Streamlined and standardized processes support your essential relationships with customers, vendors, employees, banks, agencies and partners.

Redmond Accounting is a nationally known leader in the cloud accounting industry.  We have a proven track record of helping businesses create the framework to run successful, scalable, leading edge companies.  Some highlights that make us stand out:

  • national trainer, writer and speaker for cloud accounting best practices
  • cutting edge web solutions for paperless, mobile, collaborative access to your information
  • sophisticated workflow management tools to schedule and manage work in a defined and consistent manner
  • expert, trained staff to eliminate the need for you to recruit, hire or manage accountants
  • state of the art device-agnostic platform for communication and work
  • affiliations with leading industry advisors and solution providers for access to unlimited resources
  • innovative processes to continuously improve system efficiency and accuracy


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