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Financial Leadership

We replace on-site accounting departments by designing systems which automate the workflow and enable your other staff to perform daily and weekly accounting tasks. Our skilled and certified accounting managers and controllers reconcile, review and close each month, leaving you with business intelligence you can count on.

Our early experience running accounting departments in the world’s tech center of Silicon Valley gives us a combination of accounting and software expertise that we bring to our clients all over the country. Our proprietary workflow management system assures consistency and accuracy. We adhere to a strict code of professional ethics and risk aversion practices to provide internal controls and high quality results.

Our controller services provide businesses with the knowledge and resources essential to the health of a successful business.


What does a Controller do?

  • Design financial information systems and accounting workflow
  • Implement multiple integrated accounting processes
  • Maximize and support staff performing accounting duties
  • Manage accounting systems and workload
  • Review and close accounting periods so that company officers can evaluate the financial performance of the business and make informed decisions
  • Recruit, hire, background check, and train our accounting staff
  • Attend Accounting Technology conferences
  • Beta test new accounting solutions for leading accounting service providers
  • Maintain accounting certifications and continuing education
  • Sit on accounting advisory boards and panels
  • Maintain key industry relationships
  • Give you peace of mind and freedom to focus on your business


We are the alternative to creating your own accounting department — figuring out what solutions to implement; purchasing, configuring and upgrading accounting systems; developing and managing your financial workflow; and incurring costly expenses associated with equipment, supplies and workspace. We empower your office staff with the tools necessary to perform your daily and weekly accounting work.

Our experts also provide financial transaction processing for businesses that do not have staff to perform the day-to-day sales and expense related tasks…and consulting services for those who want guidance on how to manage their accounting work themselves.

We work remotely using web-based apps, primarily QuickBooks Online.  No driving, no on-site.  We put powerful software to work for you.  The use of web-based apps allows you freedom from hardware and software configurations and platform limitations.

  • We are 100% paperless — access the documents you need online when you need them from wherever you are
  • No longer worry about which computer to go to or whether you are traveling or using a PC or MAC or Chromebook
  • Find a computer with internet access…or reach for your tablet or SmartPhone…whichever is closest and charged
  • Snap a photo of your receipt using your camera phone and send it to your expense report immediately
  • Pay and get paid electronically
  • Give vendors access to check their own payment status on your vendor portal
  • Email invoices to your clients and collect their payment electronically
  • Customers can sign in to your branded, password-protected customer portal to pay their balance or view history and post notes
  • Allow your employees online access to timesheets and paycheck details
  • Customize your own automated schedule for email reminders and business management reports
  • Increased fraud protection and reduced errors & penalties

Our online solutions use bank-level security to keep your financial data safe with Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (https) to provide encrypted communication and secure identification. These best-in-class data security measures comply with high standards for protecting your personal information.

Secure. Efficient. Mobile. Collaborative.


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