Redmond Accounting Inc requires applicants to be current members of Intuit’s ProAdvisor program and maintain an active Advanced QuickBooks Online certification.

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  1. VISION = Cloud Accounting

Redmond Accounting Inc provides web-based accounting solutions.  We use leading edge technology solutions aimed at making tedious accounting processes efficient, clear and uncomplicated for our clients.


As QuickBooks Online Pros, we offer consulting services for businesses who need expert guidance and advice performing their own accounting work using America’s favorite app.  As career-controllers, we offer accounting department services for businesses to delegate their financial activity to a turnkey, mobile solution while retaining access to their business intelligence.


The firm was founded in 2005 by Laura Redmond.  Redmond’s years of business experience in Silicon Valley as a Financial Controller and IT Manager during the age of the internet boom provided a broad level of accounting and systems knowledge.  Proven by rigorous testing and strengthened by experience, the firm developed a web-based process designed to deliver vital accounting services and business statistics to clients and an effective and consistent workflow for staff.


Accounting teams are designed to insure proper internal controls regarding separation of duties.  Responsibilities are defined and balanced.  We support an atmosphere of learning with our semi-annual “Chief” positions.  These rotating positions focus on a particular niche of our business and are responsible for specializing in that solution, communicating with that solution provider, and sharing updates, features, best practices and support with the rest of us.


We advocate the management of systems, not people.  We recruit competent, pro-active, considerate team players.  We believe in developing practices that motivate staff to work at their best performance level, based on incentive and advancement.

  1. GOALS

Our goal is to deliver essential, reliable, timely information to our clients using tech tools to allow for increased mobility and collaboration.  We continually research and develop solutions and immerse ourselves in the cloud accounting community to simplify and streamline business processes.


We strive for a calm environment through scheduled, defined work.  Open communication and respect between team-members is paramount to our success.  We support a simplified workflow process and embrace high-tech tools to deliver it.  We support flexible work arrangements pertaining to schedule and location.  We believe in a culture of personal development through continued education, learning, training and improvement of ourselves and our systems.


We market to businesses that seek high quality, high-tech features and a turnkey, outsourced solution.  Our workflow processes provide efficiency and accessibility to critical information.  Our staff provide quality.  This recipe attracts interesting clientele that value the services we provide and appreciate the knowledge they gain by working with us.


Client work is offered to staff based on staff’s work performance and availability. We focus on the value of our staff’s knowledge, experience and ability.  Our scheduling, our workflow processes, our fixed price client agreements and our compensation all support the goal of simplifying age-old administrative processes in the quest to generate profit efficiently so as to achieve a balance between work and personal time.


We adhere to a strict code of professional ethics and risk aversion practices to provide high quality results.

If you believe your qualifications, skills, experience and values are a match for our company, please submit an employment application and send your resume to